The Body Engineer: What Happened to Fruits Image?

The main reason I push fruit as much as I do is that it always gives me the best results. If you want to give your body a huge break with digestion fruit is your best remedy. Starting with a high fruit diet is not always easy and can be a bit shocking to a body that is stuck and congested, especially the mesentery. Getting through a stuck mesentery is the toughest thing one can do. Fruit is a natural astringent and puller of toxins. Fruits move very quickly through a body and when they hit an area of congestion they go to work immediately. Many feel less than satisfied and often are hungry when they start eating fruit. I tell my patients they are just not eating enough. Instead of an orange, eat four of them, eat an entire cantaloupe, make yourself a big bowl of fruit. I also tell them that if they are hungry eating fruit then you are deficient in fruit. I know what you thinking. All that sugar! Don’t worry, it's the best fuel on the planet. All that I’m asking is if you have trouble truly feeling good, physically and emotionally, to take a different look at fruit.

By now you can see that I keep promoting fruit, fruit, fruit as your main diet staple. This book was written to help enlighten you on how important your emotions are with regard to your total health and how important fruit is in cleaning the body and mind. Vegetables, on the other hand, are a little more complex then fruit. Celery and cucumbers can act more like fruits and are bit easier to digest. It’s the cell walls that are in green leafy veggies that can be hard to break down for the human GI tract and can also contain the problematic lectin protein we were talking about earlier.

Juicing veggies is much easier on you and you will get more of the nutrients out of the vegetables. If you do juice, it’s a good idea to put some of the fiber back in to slow down the insulin response from the concentrated glucose. Fiber is important not just for healthy bowel movements and keeping the gut clean, but also for feeding the good bacteria in your gut. Fiber is considered a prebiotic and you will see it sold on the market as such. In the beginning of care, especially with chronic case, I generally do not supplement with a lot of fiber when I’m getting someone’s GI tract running smoothly again. One reason is that they will be getting plenty of fiber with the new fruit/veggie diet they’ll be on, and the other is that fiber alone can start to back everything up in the bowels. Fruit has that amazing ability to dig into the bowels and clean deep into the folds and undulations of the small and large intestine.

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