Panacea Philosophy


Change Your Beliefs

The NEW science that has emerged in the last two decades provides compelling evidence that achieving wellness is not the same thing as treating diseases. The restoration and maintenance of health points to the balancing of the PH and microbiome of the body. There are certain Physical, Chemical, and Emotional factors that need to be addressed to achieve true well-being. This approach is not about the treatment of any condition and is all about self-care, self-education, and self-responsibility.

We Teach You The Basics

In the CLASSES page there are several short videos that provide you with the basic understanding of how the body maintains and improves health. Learning how to fix your digestion and open up your elimination channels is a priorty for anyone looking to achieve great health. You DO NOT have to understand science to fix health problems but you DO have to learn how to take great care of yourself! This is the perfect approach for the person who is eager to learn how to be healthy in the 21st Century.



Nutritionals * Fruit * Fun

Nutritionals are mandatory to rid the body of toxins that are rampant in the 21st Century. You will learn why a diet high in fruit and vegetables with the right supplements is the fastest way to a healthy, clean body. Making it Fun will be an integral focus as you realize the intimate connection between your emotions and your physical health. This integrated approach is one of the fastest ways to balance the digestive system, open up the elimination pathways of the body, unlock the musculoskeletal system, and build a healthy emotinal state of well-being.