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I am excited to introduce the world to the CORE CREATOR. It is coming soon! There is nothing like this product that simultaneously strengthens your core and corrects your posture.
— Dr. Sean Woods


A healthy spine and a balanced muscle system is an integral component to your well-being. As a chiropractor I analyze and correct spines on a daily basis. I would recommend foam rolling to patients to help relieve muscle tightness and spasms, but after trying dozens, I never found one that I liked or that was comfortable to use. So I decided to create one myself that addresses and corrects many of the problems I see in my patients with lower back, hip, and neck pain. By strengthening the core, you eliminate the need for so many other treatments!

Unlock Your Body

Not only does the CORE CREATOR work out muscle knots and trigger points, it also helps to restore normal posture by unlocking the major joints of the skeletal system. Just by using the CORE CREATOR a few minutes everyday, you can begin to correct many of the muscle imbalances that make you run to the doctor or the medicine cabinet for relief. Real back pain relief is finally here!

Get Stronger Than Ever Before

The patented design of the CORE CREATOR quickly teaches you exactly what your core is and how to properly engage it. This one concept can change your life completely from the way you sit, stand, workout, or even just washing the dishes. Your core holds the key to your health success. When you master just the basic program, you will be well on your way to a strong, healthy core.

Soon there will be three videos - basic, intermediate, and advanced - that will be all you need to create your strongest core ever…and it is lots of FUN!