Move From the Unknown to the KNOWN


Understand the Root Cause of Disease and Heal Yourself

Reducing the fear of Disease is an important step in health creation

Past science has not led to the knowing of what is causing all of the diseases that continue to debilitate the human body. It seems the deeper we study a particular problem the further we find ourselves from a solution. When you take a look at how this universe that we live in was set up, it would make sense that you would not find a cure by treating a symptom.

To find wellness and health you have to point yourself in the direction of the very things that create health. When you do it long enough health is what you will get. The New Science that has emerged in the last 20 years shows 100’s of ways to get a body whole again.

At Panacea we go right the two systems of the body that need to be working that allow the expression of health. The Urinary and Digestive Systems. When one or both of these systems are not functioning, than a malfunction somewhere in the body must and will take place. Medicine calls these malfunctions a name that is a description of what manifests. A disease. When you go and study the manifestation is rarely leads to a correction. When you begin to trace symptoms back to systems, you see a much greater picture of the same thing and can then work on the system and get to the root cause of the problem.

You can gain certainty and knowing of your own health by applying the principles taught on this website and following the directions of health creation. By correcting systems and cleaning the body of damaging waste you can begin to win the game of health and know that you are well.