Are You Wasting Your Money On Supplements?

Using the right supplements may be the best money you ever spend!

Get your money’s worth by using supplements to correct problems instead of treating them.

The supplement market continues to grow as new products are constantly coming out attempting to bring us relief and greater health. In the environment we live in today it is smart to read up on supplements and use them to keep the body and mind going. I added supplements into my practice 10 years ago and it was one of the smartest things I have done for my patients.

I didn’t just want to hand out the latest supplement craze and use them as a healthy alternative to pain relief or making up for deficiencies. My intent and my education into nutrition was based on correcting underlying weaknesses in the organs, glands, and systems of the body. With this approach, I use supplementation for specific periods of time and let them do their job of cleaning and strengthening specific areas of the body. Many of these supplements are different herbal combinations, enzymes, and salts and not the ones you see promoting a miracle cure. I see miracle cure’s everyday in my office and it comes with focus, consistency, and a quest for greater health.

As you remove the underlying weaknesses, pain syndromes go away, vitamin and mineral deficiencies are corrected, and higher levels of health and well-being are felt. The reasoning is profound and it leads to the understanding of true health. Correcting the underlying cause of problems is the answer and it is completely different from the treatment of the problem.

There are definitely times where I recommend vitamins and minerals to help the body in times of need or when they are lacking a specific nutrient. In a majority of these cases a weak digestive system is usually the underlying cause of the deficiency. When food is inadequately broken down in the digestive organs it leads to a multitude of problems and poor absorption is one of the biggest. Short term supplementation to help where the body is lacking is not a bad idea, but the focus should be learning what supplements should be taken to get the digestive system healthy again. You can read my blog on picking the right supplements for the digestive system here.

There has been great discoveries in last decade that shows the connection between the good bacteria in the human gut and their connection to a wide variety of problems that exist well outside of the gut. One great example is the connection between a low thyroid (Hashimoto’s Disease) and a leaky gut. Studies have connected the gluten protein binding to receptor sites on the cells of the thyroid gland and diminishing its function. Other finding show how a dysfunctional ileo cecal valve has direct connections to lumbar degeneration, disc herniations, and low back pain. Micro-biologists are also finding strong connections to the healthy bacteria in our gut and how they are determining our sense of well-being and how happy we are.

L3-L4 Lumbar Disc Degenration

The Arrow is Pointing to L3-L4 lumbar disc Degeneration

The ileo-cecal, which is the junction of the small into the large intestine, suspends itself from the anterior lumbar spine. Chronic IC valve spasms can lead to this type of spinal breakdown and a variety of different problems.

These findings are crossing all areas of health including organ dysfunction, physical pain, and emotional health. If we were to go to the health store and buy supplements for all of these conditions we could spend a small fortune and still not get to the root cause of the problem. In my office I see people with ALL types of conditions and I will tell them to bring in what they are taking so I can see what they have been trying to do. Sometimes they will come in with two bags full of over 40 different supplements. Some recommended by doctors, some from friends and family, some from the news, and some from their own research. It is rare that any of these are the supplements that they need to get to the root cause of their problem and help them be well again.

My first step with these patients is to focus the approach and get them on two, three or four supplements to start cleaning up the body. There specific ways in which the body cleans, repairs, and nourishes itself and when you follow the body’s instructions great results manifest themselves. Panacea Nutritionals is a website that I created to help people find their own healing remedies by following the healing instructions of the body.

These instructions are not complicated but it does take some work to understand the basics of how a body works. On the site, under education, there are four short videos explaining the fundamentals and how to get started with your first few supplements. Here is the introductory video…

I believe the goal for anyone trying to correct a condition or becoming healthier naturally should be to go to the underlying problems and fix it there. When I started correcting systems, cleaning organs, and not worrying about the specific condition I began getting consistent results. In many instances, not only did the main complaint go away, but several other seemingly unrelated problems went away also. This is because I was taking a more global approach and looking at the entire body and its systems instead of focusing on each specific problem. Please visit the Panacea and discover your own healing remedy.