How to Pick the Right Panacea Nutritionals


The Right Supplements Make All The Difference

Homeopathics, Herbals, and Enzymes Prove to be the Best

The idea of the Panacea website is to get involved in your health and learn how to use the nutritionals in the SHOP page to start your healing journey. The products in the SHOP are the same ones I use in my office and are the ones that get me consistent healthy results. They are some the most premier nutritional supplementation available in the world. When you look on the SHOP page you will see 4 categories on the top.


These are the areas we focus on to get your body cleaning, eliminating, and moving in the right direction. When these areas start cleaning and the body begins to feel good and express health. There are several products in each category and you can start with any of them. Please read the product descriptions for each product and it will help you choose depending on your specific needs. The ALL category has additional supportive nutrition that can be added at any time.


As you get started, I recommend starting with 2 or 3 products from KIDNEY/ADRENAL category. This system is a major elimination pathway for metabolic waste and toxins. In today’s society more that half of the population is suffering from kidney congestion, young and old. Learning how to clean and maintain your kidneys is part of the Panacea model of health and healing. The kidneys are critical in any healing journey and I have found that anyone suffering from an unwanted chronic condition have underlying kidney congestion. Getting the kidneys filtering is a key component to restoring and building health.

Focus on Your Diet


The diet is the most important change in health restoration and can be the most difficult. Getting on a diet high in fruits and vegetables is necessary to ensure the body has all the vitamins, minerals, and hydration needed to ensure great results. The products become even more powerful and bring about quicker results the cleaner the diet. Besides the obvious culprits, cookies, cakes, candy, soda, chips (of all kinds), other problem foods are nuts, beans, seeds, grains, dairy, and meats. In most cases of chronic conditions the body has lost the ability digest and utilize fats and proteins in these foods

Over several months of reducing or eliminating these foods they can be reintroduced into the diet and when people have really cleaned themselves up they can feel the kickback of how these foods make them feel. They gain a greater perspective on how what they eat is in large part determining how they feel. The Panacea way is easy. You diet exists of 80 percent fruits and vegetables and the other 20 percent are the foods you are learning to reduce and eliminate from the diet if found to be problematic.


80 percent of the diet

To heal from any condition the body is in need of hydration and healing nutrients of fruits and vegetables.

Upper and Lower GI


The third step in the Panacea model to coordinate the digestive system so the body can safely and effectively start removing waste and toxins. Removing waste on a daily basis, a few times a day, will be important to climb the healing ladder. Don’t be fooled, even bowels that move one or two times a day can have plenty of old stool stuck in the bowels causing problems. When getting started definitely choose a product or two from the LOWER GI category and get the bowels moving and cleaning on a daily basis. The Panacea LOWER GI line has products that can move the most stubborn of bowels (Intestinal Cleanse 1) to milder products for bowels that need a gentle push (C Colon).

My recommendation for anyone starting would be to chose 2 products from the KIDNEYS/ADRENALS, 2 products from the LOWER GI, and get these two elimination systems moving in the right direction for 4-6 weeks before adding products from the UPPER GI. The simple reason for this that the UPPER GI organs/glands (pancreas, stomach, gallbladder, and liver) will need to clean and eliminate their waste through the KIDNEYS/ADRENALS and LOWER GI systems.



Dosing can a bit tricky because most people generally need more than they think. I do have occasional patients who are sensitive and routinely test for just a couple of tablets or capsules per product. The tablets are mostly food based and can be dosed at 2-8 a day. The capsules can be a bit more powerful and generally dose up to four per day. The tinctures I have my patients take 40-60 drops 2/3 times a day. Below is a picture of what I hand out to my patients for dosing, it will give you an idea of how I dose. Take your time swallowing pills and I know that these are the very things that will help restore your body and mind back to health.



The most important this to remember is to start somewhere and get good at taking the nutritionals on a daily basis. When I help to get people well, I generally go through several of these products to get organs clean and functioning well again. The reason is that different products accomplish different things during the healing process. You should end up going through several of the products in each category to restore your organs back to health.

Stay on the alert for healing reactions and other signs the body is getting of the toxicity and waste in different parts of the body. Skin reactions, cold and flu like symptoms, digestive changes (good and bad), and fatigue.

ARGINEX is a TOP 10 product in the Panacea Line and definitely a product to start with for the KIDNEYS/ADRENALS.

ARGINEX is a TOP 10 product in the Panacea Line and definitely a product to start with for the KIDNEYS/ADRENALS.