Our Emotions ARE Our Health


Many diseases first begin with a thought and a belief

Thoughts create physical manifestations of the vibration they eminate


Thoughts Create Things

In the book, “The Body Engineer”, Dr. Sean Woods writes on the power of emotions and how they have the potential to create health or disease depending on which emotion you spend the most time in.

Every organ functions best when the mind is experiencing higher emotional states. When you feel love and appreciation your physical body changes. All emotional states have affinities for specific organs and the organs alter their function based on the emotion you are feeling. People who have congested livers and gallbladders are living in a state of anger and frustration a lot of the time. Sometimes this is conscious, but most times the person is completely unaware that they are often angry and frustrated. Kidneys get affected by fear, the adrenals correlate to anxiety, and the heart suffers due to a lack of sustaining a feeling like love.

For example, if you are in a consistent state of anger, over time that feeling will start to congest your liver. You will crave foods that cause liver congestion and soon there will be the physical manifestation of anger in your body. Liver congestion is one of the biggest contributors to joint stiffness and degeneration. You guessed it, you won’t feel like moving and stretching when you are stiff and in pain. The reverse cycle is true as well. A person in a consistent emotional state of appreciation brings about a state of physical well-being, and a natural attraction to the foods that keep you feeling light and energized.


Depression, Anxiety, Worry

These emotions are vibrational frequencies that if left unchecked become physical manifestations of disease.

All things in our world are first created with a thought. Thoughts create things. Take a quick look around you. Everything you see began as a thought - all the chairs, TVs, rugs, tables, houses, buildings, cars, roads, bridges, and so on. Thoughts become things! Emotions are things too, you just can’t see them, you feel them. If we could see inside our bodies and witness disease creation I’m sure we would take much better care of ourselves. We have MRI’s and other imaging scans to see diseases after they have manifested, but the best indicator of which way our body is heading, towards health or towards disease, is by our emotions.

The more conscious we become of our emotions the greater control we have over how much time we would like to spend feeling what we’re feeling. I actually enjoy getting a little angry at times. I used to spend weeks and weeks in this emotion telling myself all types of stories to give me the right to be there. I finally realized that nobody else truly cared that I was feeling that way; I was the one paying the price for feeling that way. Anger was only showing me that I was on the wrong path. I further came to understand that it was me, and only me, who had any control of this pattern. Understanding and applying the Laws of Attraction explain that we get to choose how we feel about anything. When you start practicing extreme self-care you begin to focus on the control you have over any given situation. You get rewarded in many ways for taking the time to care for yourself.

Field of Flowers contains dozens of Flower Essences to support emotional ups and downs.

Field of Flowers contains dozens of Flower Essences to support emotional ups and downs.

Calcium deficiency has been shown to be the major culprit in postpartum depression.

Calcium deficiency has been shown to be the major culprit in postpartum depression.