Herbs As Your Remedy


The Use of Herbs in Healing is Mandatory

Goldenrod is commonly used to help improve the kidneys and urinary tract system

The planet has provided us with a fantastic tool to relieve the congestion in the body and build organ and gland strength. This is the herbal family. I love working with the herbs to get people back to health and most times I can’t get back their wellness without them. Certain herbs have an affinity for specific organs and help feed, clean, and repair them. Herbs can be even stronger astringents than fruit and can break up the stickiest of tissue. The vitamins and minerals in herbs carry an electrical charge that keep them active and ‘alive’. Herbs are basically different combinations of vitamins and minerals that give off a specific range of vibrations and that is why they ‘look’ different. These different combinations also give them different tastes and healing capabilities.


Cat’s Claw is a powerful herb known to be a deterrent of the unwanted microbes in the body - virus, lymes, yeast.

When an herb has a specific healing capability for an organ it is because the organ resonates at the same vibrational range as the herb. Combining herbs can deepen the vibrational healing for an organ/gland or balance one organ with another. Just like colors, the possible combinations are endless. Herbs have a magical healing ability and should be an integral part of anyone’s journey back to health. The good bacteria in our body has a huge attraction to these plant forms and some theories have the good bacteria responsible for the very creation of our body. Herbs are nourishing and feed the very best bacteria in our gut. These bacteria are communicating with our body and brain to keep us healthy, and are play a large part in the creation of the emotions that we feel.

Combination of several powerful anti-microbial and cleansing herbs.

Combination of several powerful anti-microbial and cleansing herbs.