The Body Engineer: Correct a Kidney and Correct 1000 Things


Kidney drainage allows the removal of disease causing toxins and microbes

The Kidneys are a primary organ of elimination and a high priority in the Panacea Model

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Each Kidney has 1 Million Filters

Improving kidney function is priority number one in reversing disease.

The kidneys rank right up there with the liver as an organ that needs to be working to restore health. The kidneys are the organ that eliminate significant amounts of toxins and waste from our blood and lymphatic systems every day. To fully cover the multitude of tasks the kidneys perform would fill a text book, but to understand how to repair them can be explained in this blog. Here a just a few thing the kidneys do to ensure our body maintains health. The kidneys are the ones regulating blood pressure, they tell the bone marrow to make red blood cells, they regulate blood calcium levels and maintain bone health, and they also play the critical role of controlling pH levels in the blood and other parts of the body.

The key to opening up the kidneys is through the ingestion a specific herbs, enzymes, and salts that breakdown the congestion surrounding the kidneys. In tougher cases the Lower GI needs to be cleaned and running efficiently to activate kidney elimination. The toughest of cases need to practice intermittent fasting techniques for several days to several weeks to stimulate kidney autophagy, which is a inborn molecular process of the kidneys to induce detoxification of toxins and proteins.

You can determine if your kidneys are filtering well by performing this specific test. The first step is to urinate in a jar with your first urination of the morning. Let it sit until the next morning and see if there is any sediment settling on the bottom. This sediment generally looks like dandruff or fine white flakes. If you see this sediment, it means your kidneys ARE filtering. Your first urination of the morning should NOT be clear. When you begin the detoxification process, many of the toxins in the lymph and fascia systems will be removed through the kidneys. In many cases these toxins and unusable proteins are clogging the kidneys preventing the lymph and fascia systems from thoroughly cleaning themselves.

The kidneys play an important role in eliminating harmful and disease causing waste and should not be underestimated in any chronic case. The bladder is the holding vessel for waste processed by the kidneys and become weaker and weaker the more toxic the waste. The cleaning of the bladder is part of the kidney cleaning process and they both respond well to the same herbs, enzymes, and salts. The time necessary for the cleaning of this urinary tract system should be thought of in terms of months and even years.


Urine sample

The white sediment is a sign the kidneys are filtering.

Each kidney has a million little tubes that need to be clean to be able to filter well and to perform its life giving tasks. When the kidneys do not filter well we can feel it in a multitude of ways both physically and emotionally. Low back pain is generally the most common and this is because the waste that the kidneys should have removed though the bladder will backup causing local ph changes in the muscles, fascia, and meridians of the low back. Waste that is acidic (proteins and toxins) causes acute inflammation, burning pain, tightness, and sharp pain. Waste that is over alkaline (too many starchy carbs)causes stiff, achy, bursitis type pain. Other common musculo-skeletal conditions include sciatica, plantar fascitis, and gout.

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Gouty Arthritis

This is one example of 1000’s of problems created by kidneys that are clogged.

The effects of poor kidney drainage can be more far reaching than just the low back. The kidneys are largely responsible for calcium control and a malfunction here contributes to osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, and thyroid conditions just to name a few obvious ones. Other manifestations of clogged kidneys are high blood pressure, aneurysms, headaches, and glaucoma.

As with all organs, the kidneys have specific emotional correlations related to how well they are functioning. When kidneys are down, they are the seat of fear, paranoia, and insecurity and when in balance the kidneys restore courage, willpower, clear perception, and self-understanding. The Panacea Nutritional model of health pays close attention to the emotional aspect of any problem because true health includes emotional integrity.

In the Kidney/Adrenal category of the SHOP page at Panacea Nutritionals you will find several different supplements aimed to help the kidneys heal and drain properly. Healing and repairing kidneys involves a diet high in fruits and vegetables along with specific supplementation. A great combination of supplements from the Panacea line would include Arginex (4 a day), Core Cilantro (80 drops a day), and Kidney Complete (1 ounce a day). When I help people correct kidneys it is very normal to use several bottles of one supplement in addition to using a variety of products to work on the kidneys at different levels and different toxicities. If you start cleaning and do not see sediments in the urine jar test, look into cleaning up the bowels, or researching some basic fasting techniques.