Who's Controlling Who?- Gut Bacteria's Powerful Influence Over Human Experience

The good bacteria in our GUT make the chemicals that tell our brain to feel good

Prebiotic Fiber, fruits & vegetables, and intermittent fasting breed the bacteria you want


Chicory Root is A Super Fiber for our Gut Bacteria

These non-digestible fibers enter the large bowel where good bacteria ferment them causing a selective increase in their numbers. You can see the final expression of these roots in the vibrant purple flower.

Modern science is in the process of unraveling the human dilemma of physical disease and emotional imbalances all at the same time. For years now science has been showing that the gut is the second brain because of the vast amounts of serotonin and other positive nuero-chemicals that the good bacteria in our gut make. These chemicals go to the brain and tell us that all is well and our life is in balance. Science is finding that this is true only if our gut flora, our gut microbiome, our gut bacteria, our gut buddies (all the same thing) are balanced themselves.

These findings have people running to the store to buy probiotics to introduce more good guys into an unbalanced scenario. The hope is that these good bacteria will come in, take over the bad guys, and restore harmony once again. I say “Not so fast”! In very acute situations this may be a sound approach and if tuned into yourself, emotionally and physically, you will see a positive and beneficial result.

In chronic conditions this approach will not get to the underlying cause of the problem and in some cases can make the conditions worse. H-Pylori in the stomach or Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) can be two such instances. An overgrowth of the bad bugs we do not want in our gut (yeast, parasites, viruses, and bad bacteria) create several problems for the gut. One big one is that they cause inflammation and then turn on all of the bad aspects of our genes. This means we become more likely to express disease, especially the ones our parents and anyone in our genetic line may have had.

When thinking of improving your gut biome two factors must be in place to see long lasting results. The first is changing the entire environment in which these bugs live and the second is working to coordinate the organs of digestion to ensure proper breakdown of the foods we eat. Both of these are done with the right diet and the right supplements.

Some of the latest research research shows these bad bugs create sticky bio films that our good bugs can not break through. These bio films are safe havens for the bad bugs and grow bigger the worse we eat. The good bacteria do not have the ability to overcome thick bio films and this allows the bad guys to take over, decreasing the body’s ability to heal and recover. If left unchecked, this entire scenario can lead to autoimmune problems, nuero degenerative conditions, cancer, and many of the other conditions that make us sick.


Poor Digestion gives The Bad Bugs materials to build this matrix

This slimy substance is found as a culprit in many of the disease processes found in the human body.

How does this happen? In acute stages these bio films grow quickly in the gut when food is improperly digested and left stagnant in the gut. This bio film is built by the bad bugs and mess with our good bacteria and how they are trying to communicate with the rest of our body. Some of the things they mess with include, sugar handling, immune responses, vitamin production, nutrient absorption, and many other things. The symptoms seen here can be depression, anxiety, thyroid and other hormonal imbalances, chronic fatigue, digestive upset, and neck and back pain. This usually sends people to the doctor looking for relief in the form of a pill to take away the symptoms.

If left uncorrected, the lining of the gut weakens causing a condition known as leaky gut. When this happens the bad bugs can move into, and then all around the body. When they get inside the body they build the same bio films as they do in the gut, but this time it can be in the brain, heart, liver, fascia, lymph or any other part of the body. This is where you see the chronic, debilitating, and un-curable diseases. Cleaning up bio film in the gut can be tough and getting bio film out of the body is even tougher!

So what can be done? Well, a lot! This is what the Panacea model of health is all about. The first decision that needs to be made is that you want to find true health again and that you are willing to make some lifestyle changes. The next step is to start cleaning up the KIDNEYS and the GUT with the right supplementation and starting a diet high in fruits and vegetables. This is the way to dig at tough bio films and remove the toxins and bad bugs from the body.

Another proven remedy to start growing the good guys is intermittent fasting. Two great things happen when the body is not having to digest food for several hours. The first is that the body will start a process called autophagy where it starts breaking down toxic and congested material. The second is that is starts growing the kind of bacteria that clean the linings of the gut and that control blood sugar levels. For the first few days this may not feel like a good idea because the symptoms can be tough, but with some discipline the other side of this is the beginning of true health.

What modern science is demonstrating is that these bad bugs will control our destiny by expressing the worst part of our genetic makeup and produce chemicals that make us feel bad about ourselves and the environment around us. Our best control that is proven to work is feeding the good bugs and pushing out the bad guys. I have treated thousands of cases and the common theme that emerges for those who break free from the chains of disease is diet change, unlocking and moving the body, and taking the correct supplementation. At Panacea we teach you how to do that.

Here’s what to do:

  1. First decide you want health and that change is a necessity.

  2. Shop for or go to Panacea and start taking a pre-biotic fiber (the probiotic can be included in a month)

  3. Shop for or go to Panacea and start taking a couple of supplements for the KINDEYS. (Mandatory for proper cleansing)

  4. Move to a diet which consists of 80 percent fruits and vegetables.

  5. Start a simple stretching or yoga routine to see where your body is tight. As your body cleans it starts to loosen.

One of my favorite products for breaking up bio film!

One of my favorite products for breaking up bio film!